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Ship Alarm Monitoring System

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An Alarm Monitoring System on a ship monitors and records 100s of channels, setting alarms and alerting crew. For a typical ferry a system will monitor around 1200 channels (Analogue & Digital). Some typical areas of interest are shown below.

  • Engine Bearing Temperatures
  • Engine Exhaust Temperatures and Balance
  • Electrical Generators
  • Fuel, Ballast and Water Tanks
  • General Machinery

These systems need to be robust, redundant, distributed and have no single point of failure. All design and installation must be approved by Lloyds Register. Any alerts and failures need to be reported.

SSDC AMS offers drop-in replacement for the RACAL Decca Integrated Ship Instrumentation System and therefore significanlty reduces the cost of updating ships monitoring systems during refit. Contact Grundon Marine for more details.